Connected Insights Product Line Version 3.0: Enhanced automation and visualizations, and more

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    Allison Miller

Illumina Connected Insights* version 3.0 is here! Packed full of exciting feature updates, Connected Insights v3.0 is our most efficient, integrated release yet. Connected Insights integrates into the lab’s workflow and software ecosystem, enabling variant interpretation for somatic oncology applications. See a demo and access the latest software release by requesting a demo.

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Illumina. Connected Insights 3.0 product line enables our customers to streamline their variant interpretation even more, with VCF file uto-ingestion and workflow automation according to the lab's SOP's through draft research report. Connected Insights product line ensures that your time is spent on the variants that matter most.

Originally released in 2023, Illumina Connected Insights product line enables customers to perform variant interpretation through research report generation and serves as a critical component of the Illumina Connected Software portfolio. Connected Insights v3.0 builds on previous releases with expanded compatibility for existing Illumina and third-party assays, DRAGEN secondary analysis pipelines, in addition to new visualizations that make complex variants easy to see, making Connected Insights more exciting and user-friendly than ever. Updates include:

  • Automation of lab SOPs: Draft report content, QC pass/fail, and more
  • Expanded list of out-of-the-box compatible pipelines and assays, including support of WES
  • Ability to view all cases for a single subject and merging DNA and RNA cases into one report
  • New visualizations to include gene and exon coverage graphs
  • User-friendly editing of report templates
  • Reporting in 18 languages

As part of the release, Connected Insights product line* version 3.0 is now available in expanded markets across the globe, including United States and Australia, enabling our somatic oncology customers across the globe to utilize Connected Insights for research applications.

Let’s take a deeper dive into a few of the new features that make Connected Insights v3.0 so exciting:

Expanded User-Defined Automation Capabilities

The Connected Insights v3.0 user interface allows labs to configure and automate interpretation with more ease than ever before. New report automation features pregenerates draft report content based on user selections, such as variant evidence level and presence in past reports. New test definition features store key parameters (eg variant filters, report template) for each test conducted in the lab.

New Genomic Visualizations

Connected Insights v3.0 features powerful, clear visualization tools – users can now visualize QC coverage data in the context of their findings and cancer hotspots in addition to viewing gene and exon coverage plots for DNA and RNA.

Compatibility with Additional Illumina Assays and Pipelines

Illumina Connected Insights version 3.0 expands out-of-the-box compatibility for Illumina analysis pipelines and assays, now supporting automatic launch of Illumina’s DRAGEN Amplicon in addition to DRAGEN enrichment.

Learn More

The Connected Insights v3.0 release is packed full of compatibility and efficiency gains. Visit the Connected Insights page to learn more about our technology and to request a follow-up discussion or demo with a specialist.

* The Connected Insights product line is inclusive of Connected Insights and Connected Insights-Research, available in select countries. Connected Insights integrates > 45 external knowledge sources via API calling.