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  • 04/28/2023

Clarity LIMS™ v6.1 - Advanced Search and Read-Only Mode

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    Stefanie Tiong

The latest release brings powerful search capabilities and secure data access.

Advanced Search

Clarity LIMS Advanced Search enables flexible data mining and powerful search querying. Users can build, save, and share multivariable custom search queries. Paginated results come with optimized navigation and Excel export capabilities to streamline efficiency and turnaround times for laboratories.

Read-Only Mode

Data security and integrity are critical considerations for laboratories of all disciplines, including clinical users working in a highly regulated environment. Clarity LIMS software features read-only mode, a user-based permission setting, to enable secure data access. Users with admin roles can configure settings such that designated individuals may exclusively view data in read-only mode without editing capabilities. Use cases include auditing, reporting, and training.

ISO/IEC 27701 certification

Additionally, Clarity LIMS has received ISO/IEC 27701 certification (privacy) that builds on the existing ISO/IEC 27001 certification (security). The latest certification, ISO/IEC 27701, recognizes that Illumina implements, and complies with, robust, international data privacy requirements. Obtaining an ISO/IEC 27701 certification requires the documentation of policies, procedures, and protocols demonstrating that a company applies high standards of data protection to personally identifiable information, such as names, Social Security numbers, and biometrics.

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