• Product updates
  • 01/26/2022

DRAGEN COVID Lineage Updates

  • Stacey Chyi

We are working hard to ensure our DRAGENTM COVID Lineage app meets your needs and delivers best-in-class features as the world of SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve. The team is thrilled to announce the following updates and improvements, all available in our latest software release.

As a reminder, if you are submitting to a public repository, please confirm all repository requirements have been met (including removal of human reads).


  1. Support for ARTIC V4 primers (V3 is still available in the Virus Primers BED file drop-down menu).
  2. Configurable SRA Human Read Scrubber that filters out human reads (on by default).
  3. Configurable callability threshold.
  4. For detection of the Omicron variant (B1.1.529) using the latest version of Pangolin, please enable the “Update Pangolin” option during app set up.
  5. Coverage >= 30x metric added to Lineage Report
  6. Option to generate BAM with non-viral reads filtered out (de-hosting)
  7. Full support for Custom References.

For the full list of release notes, please reference the App page.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.