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  • 05/02/2023

Illumina Connected Analytics: Streamlined sequencer integration and automation of secondary analysis workflows

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    Farzan Naimi

Processing and analyzing terabytes of sequencing data generated from Illumina sequencing systems requires a scalable IT infrastructure that can involve many different specialized personnel to manage. The integration of a bioinformatics platform, such as Illumina Connected Analytics, makes it efficient to connect, manage and analyze the data.

Connected Analytics has robust integration with Illumina sequencing systems, including the NovaSeqTM X Series, with the ability to securely transfer data from the sequencer in real-time and automatically launch secondary analysis pipelines in the cloud. This streamlines the sequencing workflow, enabling bioinformaticians to focus on the analysis of results.

  1. Run Planning: Integration with Illumina sequencing systems allows for flexible run setup options, giving you the ability in BaseSpaceTM Sequence Hub (BSSH), to create, plan, and configure your project run and analysis settings. All runs can also be monitored in real-time using BSSH.
  2. Sequencing: Your data is handled in a secure manner from the time it is generated on the instrument to the seamless data transfer into the cloud-based storage on Connected Analytics. This reduces your hands-on-time, minimizing manual data transfers.
  3. Automated Demultiplexing: BCL Convert is available for all instruments integrated with Connected Analytics at no cost.
  4. Auto-launch DRAGENTM Analysis: Automatically kick-off secondary analysis pipelines in Connected Analytics from your sequencing system to ensure that your analysis workflow is efficient and consistent. The number of pipelines supported will continue to increase with upcoming releases.

The initial available auto-launch pipelines are:

With streamlined and robust sequencer integration, Connected Analytics offers a powerful bioinformatics platform for efficient and scalable data analysis workflows.

Learn More

You can find guided walkthroughs in our documentation for sequencer run upload and analysis auto-launch.

For an in-depth summary of all the latest Connected Analytics features, view our release notes.

To learn more about Illumina Connected Analytics reach out to your Illumina representative or visit illumina.com/connectedanalytics.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.