• Clarity LIMS™
  • Product updates
  • 04/15/2020

New BaseSpace Clarity LIMS v5.3 Release

  • Mary Olson

We are pleased to announce the launch of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS with version 5.3. Clarity LIMS is a cloud genomics LIMS that provides regulated labs with efficient sample tracking and workflow management. This release supports the following features and improvements:

  • LabLink, a sample submission portal
    This feature allow external collaborators to easily submit samples to the lab that is using Clarity LIMS, view sample status and results within LabLink.
  • Illumina Preset Protocols (iPP)
    These protocols are designed for Illumina products based on Illumina user guides. Available preset protocols include sample prep, QC, library prep and instrument integration protocols for Illumina library preps and instruments. All preset protocols provide a good starting point for users to create workflows specific to each individual lab processes. Optimization of protocols is available during onboarding and training.
  • Support for Clarity LIMS NextSeq 1000 and 2000 Integration v1.0
    The Clarity LIMS NextSeq 1000/2000 integration provides a seamless solution with the NextSeq 1000/2000 instrument to track your samples from a variety of library preps through setting up a run for your instrument and QCing your primary metrics before analysis. This out-of-box integration enables you to get up and running quickly with your samples without the need to spend months on development.Update to the application to prevent various attacks and other safety that may potentially expose the inner state of the product.
  • Security Improvements
    Update to the application to minimize the exposure of the inner state of the product.

In addition to releasing Clarity LIMS v5.3, we are also launching a new community forum to:

  • Enable easy communication with other Clarity LIMS users for sharing your experiences, protocols, workflows and scripts
  • Provide us with feature requests to help prioritize new features for Clarity LIMS
  • Allow us to easily share with you the latest updates on Clarity LIMS

Join The Community at Illumina and start your adventure with your fellow Clarity LIMS users in our journey through improving Clarity LIMS to provide efficiency and accuracy in sample tracking and workflow management for genomics labs.

For more information on Clarity LIMS v5.3, please see the release notes.

To schedule your upgrade, please submit a support ticket at techsupport@illumina.com and include in the subject line CLARITY-Upgrade.

If you have any questions or interested in a demo, please contact your Illumina team.